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2:52 PM 11-07-2020

2:52 PM 11-07-2020 - Giving my two cents like jay on owlman argument or rant on quitting neocities https://owlman.neocities.org/library/midnight/18.html archive link. https://archive.vn/wip/IOxO6 oh boy let start. there so many reasons in this blog/rant that are wrong. the first one is that they are starting off with getting mad at people or admins of the site? > it a big website so it should have x feature if you said that about all webpages then we wouldn't have unique or different webpages. really ftp is one of your main reasons of quitting the site? really. there are other tools even when you mention later about being on windows 95 for "nostalgia" even though you were born/grown up in 2007. yeah you probably just think a windows 95 and ie are cool but it shouldn't be your main reason for quitting the site then calling out the admins. Because fuck know how many people are still actually using windows 95 as a non hobby machine. then calling out the community for liking vaporwave and having a particular style and not as "good" as your site. because opinions should make your view on the site the entire thing. i just like game videos and the old web 1.0 ish era and how they did webpages back then but i take a more web "1.5" approach sue me that i don't see your style as the one i absolutely want to copy and take in a 1:1 ratio. by the way the suing is a joke. please don't actually do that. i have rarely see nazis and other related bad people on the site maybe im just not seeing this but i'd love to see examples. your calling the community cancer but this rant/article is cancer i don't see how your making your point better. your having a blow up or pissy fit at everyone. like it not our fucking fault that your mad at everyone who doesn't adhere to your view point or how this website should be taken. "you're doing neocities wrong" your also doing your computer wrong but i don't think your seeing people going over board and making a web page dedicated to how your windows 95 computer and how your using it almost like a main like you serious or just trolling? people may like geocities style of pages. that up to them not you. neocities is slow"" yeah well if your at the middle of no where with like maybe 5mbps connection internet? yeah not our problem but yours plus you just said your on windows 95 and ie. it not our fault your sticking to this. sure you could maybe get a beefer mainpc or better internet but that not the community nor admin fault. that mainly you for sticking with windows 95/ie and probably a old pc???? middle of nowhere is no excuse. sure you have to pay a premium for like adsl connection but if your on the internet so much to the point where your getting mad making webpages and such. then maybe it is worth it. it all about that high risk high reward kind of argument. where if your say in a video game. your doing something that may be a high risk but your getting a better reward out of it. i take that saying to real life too. sometimes you have to buy stuff for the sake of getting a better experience and i guess not loathing others just because you know oh im in the middle of nowhere. not our fault but again a lot of people are in the middle of nowhere find other solutions if this even matters to you. then you go on a political rant it seems like as your conclusion"" i would advise you to see a counciler or a therapist because this makes no sense. it appears to be a quote? but what ever.

01:31 13/06/2020

01:31 13/06/2020 - List of channels i like to watch and plan on putting them in html page...